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Image of Belle Prairie Botanical Embroidery - Queen Anne's Lace

Belle Prairie Botanical Embroidery - Queen Anne's Lace

Our most loved collection the Belle Prairie Botanical Embroidery is here! Each flower has it's own meaning as it was shared among friends and loved ones on the prairie. The Queen Anne's Lace symbolized devotion. With it being named after Queen Anne and the spot of red in the center of each blossom symbolizing her blood. The full story is written to the pattern. I love this flower!

Available in a kit or pattern. The white frames are also available for purchase. Our kits include the pattern, stitching guide, fabric, batting, floss, needle, scissors, and a hoop. The pattern includes the artwork and stitching guide.

These vintage inspired embroideries are like stitching a piece of art. You will cherish them for years to come.